Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year, it gets harder and harder to find a gift that is suitable for my wonderful mom. This year I went to the Hallmark store in my town and got the perfect card, and I was planning on getting my mom some of her favorite flowers and chocolates. HOWEVER, I ran across the perfect Groupon for a massage and decided, with a little help from my younger sister, that it would be a more suitable gift.

A Groupon is a perfect gift for a college student to give. Let’s face it, we’re not made of money, no matter how much we try to deny it. When I get my parents gifts, I like to buy them with my own money because I feel like buying them with their money defeats the purpose. I got my mom a 60 minute massage, plus a 15 minute HydroLuXe massage (whatever that means) for $30! (originally a $90 value) I think this is a gift that will help her unwind AND it fits in my budget.

On a more strict budget? Your mom would love anything that comes from the heart. A card that you spend some quality time picking out could be something she cherishes for years. Here’s some ideas of gifts from Target that Mom will love.

Mother's Day

Glitter shoes / Pocket wallet / Post back earrings / White umbrella / Nail polish, $12 / EssieĀ nail polish / Essie nail polish

Another idea is pulling out that bucket of craft supplies in your closet (we all have one) and making Mom a cute craft. My first year in a sorority, I made my mom a paddle for Mother’s Day. There are so many things that you can do with a little time and effort!


Spray paint some old vases to make them into a new gift.


Craft some old mason jars (these are baby food jars, so you could do that if you have them) with ribbons and buttons and secure it with hot glue or Mod Podge! Add a few seeds or cheap flowers you can pot yourself to make a great, cheap gift.

What are you giving your mom for Mother’s Day?