I’m so ill…

One of the hardest parts of getting older is that when you’re sick, you can’t call in to school and just say you’re not going. Ok…so that’s what I did today, but I still had things that I had to do even though I’m not feeling hot at all. Here are a few of the things that have helped me recover the fastest:


This Campbell’s Chunky Classic Chicken Noodle is my favorite when I’m sick. It’s easier than making mom’s homemade chicken noodle, and I like it better than the classic chicken noodle because of the big hearty noodles and chunks of veggies. Yumm.


These are already open because my cold is that bad. But if I could recommend anything for a sore throat, these would be it. They help with your cough, but about halfway through one, you get a burst of the syrup center which helps if your throat is dry and sore like mine. I like Ricola because they have natural ingredients and don’t make my mouth feel as sugary as other cough drops. These will also help clear any sinus issues you’re having because they’re strong.


DayQuil is a lifesaver. It gives you that extra boost of energy that you don’t have when you’re sick. I’m excited to try the new “max strength version”. I’ll let you all know how it is later this week.


If pills aren’t your thing (they’re not mine normally), Emergen-C is the real lifesaver! You just add the pack of powder to your water and drink up. I really like the lemon-lime flavor; it’s not as bitter as the original. There’s all sorts of good things in this stuff like electrolytes, vitamins to help your immune system, and vitamins to give you natural energy for your day. This is my go to when I’m sick…and this box of 30 packets was only $10 at Walgreens.

What’s your remedy when you’re sick?


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