Sorority Elections

The week of the national elections was also the week of my sorority’s elections. I’m not sure which one more girls paid attention to…but I have a suspicion that it was not the one that had television coverage.

Elections in a sorority happen just like they do everywhere else. You submit your nomination, give a speech, and everyone votes for who they want to have the position. It is an important decision because the girls are picking the executive board that will make the decisions for the sorority. However, there are other ways to get involved and make an impact within the sorority without having such a position.
I have held positions in the sorority on the executive board, a staff position and represented the sorority in the Greek community by serving on Greek Council for multiple years. Staff positions are some of the most important positions in the sorority because they do the dirty work. A member who holds a staff position could plan events, revise the constitution, or work towards raising funds for the sorority. Often times, they do not get the recognition they deserve. So for all the girls out there who work their butts off for their sorority: we salute you!