Recruitment Week

This past week was the most stressful week a sorority girl can have: recruitment week. You wouldn’t think it would be that bad, but the stress of looking your best every day, chatting with girls and trying to remember every detail about them, and inhaling all of that hairspray can really wear on a girl.

First, I will explain the different nights of recruitment at my school. The first night the active members of the sororities meet the PNMs (potential new members) is Information Night. Holding to its name, the sororities tell all the information the PNMs will need to know about their sorority, including dues, philanthropies, information about intramurals, and the kinds of social events they have. The second night is Sisterhood Night where the sororities put on a skit showing how great their sisterhood is. Philanthropy Night is the third night, and the sororities tell all about their particular philanthropies. The final night is Preference Night or Ritual Night where you have a ritual that you go through with all the PNMs.

Philanthropy Night

Saturday morning starts Bid Day. The PNMs come to the University Center at 9 am to receive and sign their bid cards. After this, they all line up and come outside to run to their respective sorority one-by-one. This takes about an hour, but it seems to go by in an instant. Everyone is cheering and screaming for their new members; it is a lot of excitement!

In my sorority, we spend most of the day together, having lunch and dinner, taking pictures, and bonding as sisters!

My sorority with all our new members!


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