Throw What You Know

I always have a problem starting blog posts, especially when they are the very first one in a blog! This is my second blog. The first is long gone because I chose a topic that was very hard for me to write about.

I am a very busy person, and I decided to write about how I was going to try to stay in shape my sophomore year. I ended up writing a lot of articles about hypothetical things I could be doing, but did not have enough time to actually do.

I am in a sorority at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and it is one of the biggest parts of my life. One motto that is kind of universal for sororities is “throw what you know” because we do hand signs to show what sorority we are a part of. I took this a little less literally when I decided what topic to write about for my blog. I am going to “throw what I know” and talk about the stresses of being a sorority girl who is involved on campus, and every thing that goes along with that. I’m going to talk about the great things my sorority does, the events we have, and the fun times that go along with it.

I am actually looking forward to writing about this topic, so it won’t become a burden like the last one!